As the world’s most popular tourist destination London hosted 33 million visitors last year. We created An Archive of London’s Textures transformed into desirable objects, which recall the location from which they are harvested. Each surface is reproduced in a different material, a perfect replica of the original site surface, captured through use of a 3D Scanner, which in its new form can be transported to any part of the world to continue its evocation of memories.

The products which currently make up the Texturall brand are The Barbican, Hayward Gallery and Natural History Museum Pendants made from silver. Collection of shoes : The London Eye, Oxford Street and Trafalgar Square Flip Flops and South Bank Bespoke Shoes. Followed by Hayward Gallery, Barbican and Natural History Museum Tote Bags, made of leather texturised in scaled down versions of architectural surfaces. The core and base of the project is An Archive of London’s Textures a self published book of research, showing a collection of more than thirty textures of London, harvested from well known landmarks and other locations.

The marriage of individual handcraft making with industrial processes is both an underpinning value and an essential element of all stages of the project, from conception to market. For example, we created a process to capture texture through an in-situ 3D scan of the texture, which provides 3D files, followed by use of a 3D Printer, where the scans are converted into solid objects.

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How is it possible to capture information which carries coded narrative as surfaces can do, and replicate this on a variety of different materials using a range of processes? Answering this question has resulted in the Texturall brand’s products which

evoke memories of location, and demonstrate the effects of applying the same texture to a range of different materials with different outcomes.

Thought behind the work

‘Surface surrounds, us, offering intrigue, mystery and fascination. Some are manufactured, some are natural, some are new, and some eroded and old. They hold a record of their own history, and every single one has its own silent narrative. Look at any surface; it has a tale to tell’

Polly O’Neil

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An Archive Of London’s Textures features thirty famous cultural and unknown landmarks. The archive was formed as part of the Texturall brand collection of textures to be transformed into desirable objects, each recalling the location from which it is harvested.
Each illustration in the book is a perfect replica of the original site surface.
A 3D scan captures time, essence, history and memories and provides a digital record of the textures found at iconic London sites, from St Paul’s Cathedral to a Royal Mail postbox.

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Throughout developing Texturall products we have used various techniques like 3D scanning, casting on the ground, pressing etc. Every product went through multiple prototyping stages, resulting in disasters and successes, leading to Texturall Collection. Knowledge, experimentation and creativity are at the core of our brand.


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Little moments can have a feeling and a texture that is very real. Ralph Fiennes

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